This is the majestic betta!  I've had so much interest shown in my bettas that I've decided it was time to bring them online with us.  All of the pictures you will see in this section are of my own bettas...all 12 of them.  I am working on the breeding of the betta right now, and one of my betta breeding customers has been helping me by coaching me in steps.  I have tried once, unsuccessfully, and am preparing to try again in a few weeks.  I am paying special attention in choosing the 2 lucky fish, and bring home new ones all the time.  My latest beauty is a rare beauty.  The infamous "blonde betta".  You will understand the name when you see the fish....and he is so photogenic.  Bettas are a bit harder to photograph than other fish, and I found it difficult to capture their true beauty on a disk.  I'm mostly just going to scatter the pictures of the various fish for you to see at this time, and will add an article at another time.  I would like to be able to include care, genealogy, and breeding of the bettas in the article. 

So, for now, have fun and enjoy the pictures.  If you have questions about the bettas before I get the article posted, feel free to email me at











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