Blue Linkia Study Follow-Up

Over the past 2 weeks, since the amputation of the arm of my blue linkia, progress has been good.  There has been no sign of infection, and there is some sign of regeneration showing.  Much of the end of the arm is still open, but the edges appear to be curling over the wound, and growing/spreading inward.  As promised, I am logging the progress we make, and will post updates with every change.  While reviewing and resizing this set of pictures, I discovered something beautiful.  When in the tank, or in my hand, the linkia appears to be a solid blue in color.  With the help of my digital camera, I've captured the true color pattern of the blue linkia starfish.  I also snapped a few close ups of the legs as they were beginning to emerge from one of the arms.  The open wound has a dark spot at it's center, this is the fleshy part of the arm (the legs).  Upon handling the starfish tonight, I noticed also that it was much more pliable than it was before, and it moved around a bit more than the last time it was handled.  During the course of this study, I am going to be seeking a name for this magnificent creature who brightens up my tank.  I can see that with my studies, I am soon going to need a larger tank, so I am able to add to it's inhabitants.  I am currently enthralled by a purple linkia starfish that we have at work.  It is now on my list of "must have's" for the near future.  Below are the pictures of the blue linkia, and all will enlarge if you click on them.  Take special note in the larger pictures to the wonderful coloration of this beautiful, peaceful algae eater.

Watch the bottom of this page for further follow ups, as each will be listed at the bottom as they are posted.