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Ok, here's the update on my golden gouramis....

One female has died.  :-(  The bubbles that we saw in my pics have turned out to be oxygen bubbles, created by the Hornwort plants.  I am now left with a female and a male gourami, and a corner of hornwort in my tank.  The gouramis seem to enjoy the new plants, so I've left them in the tank, hoping that maybe it will encourage them to spawn.  In my research on gouramis, I have read that I will need to turn off the pump in order for them to spawn, so chances are we won't be seeing any eggs anytime soon.  The increased circulation for the Irridescent sharks is a must, and I am not ready to move the gouramis to a new spawning tank just yet. 

If that time comes in the future, I will again add an update to this page.