My star fish are both "brittle starfish".  One is green, the other burgundy, but very different from each other, both in nature and appearance.  The green seems to be much bolder than his cousin, and when there's food in the tank, he's always the first one in the tank to come running.   

The burgundy brittle is extremely shy, rarely coming out of hiding, even at feeding time.  It seems content to sit tight and wait for food to find it.  Although shy, the burgundy IS a bit aggressive.  It is content if left alone, but when another tank mate approaches, it is quick to strike out with it's arms as it runs for cover.     














Let's take a look at how these 2 starfish compare.


While both stars have spiny arms, the spines differ greatly.  On the green star, we find small, needle like spines.  On the  burgundy star, we find "flat toothpick" type bristles.    The body patterns differ also.  The patterns are both unique to it's own specific species.  The body shapes are similar, but the green brittle appears to be "flatter" than the burgundy, even with full bellies!  Color is also much different, with not a hint that the two are related other than the fact that they both have some sort of bristle like spines on the arms.