Chapter 1 For the love of Gobies... pg 2

Well, needless to say, this little, tiny creature was not quite as "cute" as his saltwater cousin.  Although not as appealing to me as the other goby I had seen, this little Bumble Bee was fun to watch, too.  After lingering for as long as I could, I moved on, wondering what other surprises were in store for me.  Yup...another tank with a goby in it...just a few tanks down the aisle.  Hiding under the rock caves were 4 big and I must say, "ugly" heads...attached to a long "dragon-like" body.  Thus the name that appeared on the tank made it an obvious give away.

This is the Pink Spot Goby that I found...the lone goby in the tank.  He came out of hiding just long enough for me to take this picture, and I have had maybe 2 or 3 other chances at viewing this one because it seems to always be in hiding.  There were a few more that I couldn't get pictures of yet, but I'm going to keep trying.  Then I saw a whole tank full of gobies....the first time I had seen so many together in one place.  These were a bit larger than most of the rest, and seemed almost hyper in nature, though a bit skittish when you get too close.   The name on this tank said Jade Sleeper Goby.  

Although I didn't see them as cute, these gobies were also interesting to watch.  They did seem to identify with the idea one might have of a dragon, lurking from it's cave.  By this time, I had learned that all of the gobies, both saltwater and freshwater, are bottom feeders.  Most seemed shy in nature, with the exception of that Pink Spotted Goby I had taken such a liking to.  Now I was on the move again, and as I rounded the end of the aisle to the next, there I found yet another. 

The Knight Goby was tucked into the corner...and I had missed it... until now!  Although not as bright and colorful as the others, this little guy was just as fascinating to watch.  Now I was backtracking to see if I had missed anything...and sure enough....a few aisles back there was another...

I have spent as much time as I can learning and watching these different kinds of goby, and I have to say, they are all so different in character and personality I'm amazed that some are related to the others.  I was having such a difficult time choosing which one I liked the best, and which one would be the best new pet for me.  My head was, and still is spinning.  My tank is set up and is almost ready for fish, and now I have to decide which goby to bring home to love.  How can a person decide with so many options at hand?  I have decided to make a list of what attracts me to each species that I watch, and then a new list of those compatible in a community tank.  Chapter 2 is going to begin my "research" of the goby and all of it's different species.  I will discuss size, environmental requirements, ease of care, sexing (if possible), feeding, compatibility, body structure, and finally...mating.  (Yes, Chapter 2 will be a big one, mostly text and fewer pictures!) 




Chapter 2

Chapter 3 will then begin my selection process, and lead up to Chapter new goby! 

Welcome to my new research project, I look forward to sharing my learning experience with you!  I will try hard to update this weekly, if not more often, until it's complete. 

(Chapter 2 has started out with the makings of my new goby retreat in a 29 gallon aquarium.  I will be adding to this as it happens, and we will be following the set up and cycling of my new tank.  Due to the difficulty I am having in finding certain research materials, I am going to make this Chapter 2 and begin Chapter 3 with the further research of all gobies.  I apologize for the wait on this other information, but time has also become an issue at the moment.  Please bear with me and I'll get the rest of the information to you as quickly as possible.  Thanks for your patience.)