Bubble Nest???

Hi there everyone!  I posted a notice on Rich's message board, asking about what a bubble nest looks like and what to do for it.  I have 3 gold gourami's in my community tank, and I'm not sure if what I'm seeing is a bubble nest or not, but I tried to get a few pics to share.  The bubbles are scattered, and all different sizes, but seem to be "stuck" to the plants (hornwort and needle sag) by a clear "threadlike" material.  Some of them are just floating in the water attatched to these threads, with the other end attatched to the plant.  I haven't noticed many (only tiny ones) on the surface yet.  I also haven't noticed any color developing inside of any of the bubbles.  If you look closely, you will be able to see a large bubble almost tucked inside the end of the stem of hornwort.....I will try to get more, better pics, and will keep you posted as to what happens! 

The big bubble is in the center of the plant end, and the other little spots you see are more, smaller bubbles!

Yes, those are all little tiny bubbles you see....the big one is on the right!

I have noticed a few of these bubbles seem to have black spots in them!