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Welcome to Dawn's Zoo....

Hi everyone, and welcome to my zoo!  Here is where you'll be able to share my love for the animal world!  I have numerous pets, and often am known to take in orphans and nurse them back to health.  I've recently started working at a wonderful and huge pet store where I've become part of a team of some of the most awesome and educated people around.  We give advice, we don't just sell livestock.  

We teach you everything you could want/need to know to keep your new pet happy and healthy.  I am one of the newest in the fishroom staff, and I get to work  in reptiles when I'm lucky! :-) 
Needless to say, I'm learning a lot but need to learn a lot more!  I am a fish hobbyist, so I am using my hobby to learn quickly while enjoying every moment.  I'm going to share pics of my pets here, and lots of my fish.  These are pics I took myself tonight, and I'll post more as I take them. 

Shall we visit my community tank first?  This is a 55 gallon tank set up in my living room.  It houses a "Second Nature Whisper Power Filter 3" and has a full cover/hood with florescent lighting.   

 The gravel is natural colored, medium size bulk gravel, and I have rigged a Penguin 550 Power Head pump to an undergravel tube to force more current in the water for my sharks.  (btw, the garden in the background is in my back yard...for more pics of that, stay tuned...that's my next project to post)