Dawn's Community Tank

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This is my community tank, let's meet its inhabitants!

These are 2 of my 3 Gold Gourami's.  There are 2 females and 1 male.  I had some trouble getting a pic of one of the females, as she's gravid and in hiding lately. 

In this 2nd picture you can get a better look if you click on it for the larger view.  I have a plastic rock mounted to the bottom of the back wall of the aquarium, and the corner is filled with Needle Sag and Hornwort.  The Gourami's seem to have claimed this entire end of the tank as their own, and all is peaceful in these waters.  One of my females is gravid, but my male is small and new to the tank.  I've been watching for a bubble nest, but nothing yet.  Breeding Gourami's will be something new for me, and I'm hoping for the best.  I have been researching the breeding needs for the various pairs of fish that I have, and am working on adjusting some of the conditions for this reason.  I am going to be seperating the Gouramis for a short while, as I have read in a few places that there can be no water current, as it is with Bettas. 


I am currently working on cycling a 10 gallon tank for them. 

This is one of my 2 Large Marble Angelfish. They are now about the radius of a soda can in body size.  I've had them since they were nickel size, so they are about 2 yrs old.  These guys love the live Brine Shrimp treats they get once a month, and the Angelfish are always the first ones there.  After consulting many books and various people, including a few breeders, I seem to have 2 females.  They have a bright yellow-orange crest that runs from the top of the mouth to the front of the dorsal fin, and that bleeds into a pale yellow that runs through the dorsal fin.  I have considered adding one more Angelfish to the tank, I've found one large one that I absolutely love.  Unsure yet if I want to disturb things, as this tank always seems to run itself perfectly.  (even when I have to put off maintenance longer than I should sometimes) 

This is one of my 2 Irridescent Sharks.


The sharks are my favorite in this tank.  I realize that eventually they will need a larger tank to themselves, but I'll worry about moving them when they grow more.  At present they are each about 7 inches long.  I tried to get clear pictures of them, but this is hard with a digital camera, as they are constantly on the move.  They are a "hyper" fish in the tank, and spend most of their time pacing the front length of the tank.  I have noticed that as they get older and larger, they also seem more curious.  They now come to investigate when someone approaches the tank.  They seem to mix well with their tank mates, and are also about 2 yrs old. 

Here we have my Ropefish.  He's a bottom feeder and very shy.  I was lucky enough to find him out of hiding while I had my camera handy tonight, so I got a few pics for you.  He's about 9 inches long from tip to tail and eats anything he can from the bottom of the tank.  I'm pretty sure he's responsible for eating the large apple snails who used to live in my tank.  Their shells remain in the tank.  I feed the Ropefish mostly Blackworms, and the once a month Brine Shrimp treat I give the tank.  He also eats the flake food that falls to the bottom.