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My fight this time is with our government!  It's time to save the fish and all of the other animals they forgot when they wrote our laws.  Did you know that the state of Delaware specifically EXCLUDES fish in their cruelty and neglect laws?  It's time to do something about it.  I have started a petition, goal of 10,000 signatures by January 1st, 2007.  Help me save the fish, sign my petition!


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I'm Dawn, welcome to my website.  Below you will find  links to all of the stuff you're looking for, plus a whole lot more.   My customers know Rob, our salt water manager at the store....his website is listed below, also.  He's got a lot of really wonderful links on his site, too!  Make sure that when you're finished here, you go check it out.  If you're having a problem, or need advice I may not be able to give, check out Rich's Tropical Fish Centre.  Based in the UK, this has got to be my favorite hang-out when I'm online.  Name it, it's there!  Friendly, helpful people from around the world, experience with nearly any fish you can name(and some you can't), 24 hr emergency help staffed by experienced people with your fish's health and happiness in mind...  Check it out just for helpful information, join in a discussion, or register...I DID!



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Basic care and maintenance guidelines for the freshwater aquarium seems to be a big question these days.  Many times in the past couple of weeks I've run across those who have to ask what a water exchange is, or how often their filter cartridges need changing.  Here we will learn some of the basics on how to keep our fresh water aquariums healthy.